This newsletter has been designed to keep staff, subcontractors and interested customers up to date with the latest happenings at Border Express. Below you will find our current edition as well as archives of previous editions.

Summer 2010

What's inside this edition:
  • From Max's Desk
  • Editor's Update
  • Training Department
  • National Compliance Department
  • Express Division
  • The IT Crowd
  • Business Improvement
  • Payroll Department
  • Health & Safety Representatives
  • Harold Gibbs
  • Annual Leave
  • Stephen Krings
  • Employee Welfare Department
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Healthy Eating
  • Human Resources
  • Wyndham Relay for Life
  • In the depots
  • Getting to know the people around the depot
  • Logistics
  • Linehaul